One of extremely important segment of activity for Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka is to connect the use of new technologies with creation of opportunities for socially marginalized groups. Socialization of socially excluded persons and creation of society which understands, accepts and creates equal opportunities for its citizens is guiding goal in creation and realization of all CTC Rijeka’s projects.


We include different social groups in our projects such as individuals with disability, individuals of mature age, lower financial status, unemployed youth and/or youth without work experience, and everyone who is, one way or the other, excluded from the society and labor market.


We Know How and Everyone Equally offers young unemployed individuals as well as individuals with disability and socially vulnerable citizens complete educational programs which prepare them for competitive inclusion on labor market.


CTC Rijeka’s premises are available for all citizens no matter what physical deficiency they might have.

Our contribution as associates is noticeable on projects like Rijeka inteligentni grad and Egov4U – projects focused toward digital inclusion of pensioners, housewives and war veterans.


Extremely important area of activity is Local partnership for Employment in Primorsko-Goranska County. CTC Rijeka is active participant in creation of this inter-sector partnership and takes important position in its further development. Namely, CTC Rijeka continues to develop its spatial and human resources, and will make its resources available to our county’s LPE. That way, our organization’s resources are connected and optimally used, as well as our partners. Priority guidelines for inclusion of socially excluded categories into labor market are defined through participation in creation of county strategy for development of human resources.


CTC Rijeka will have important role in the implementation process of county’s strategy for development of human resources and simultaneously participate in management and further development of LPE PG County. Since November 2013, ESF funded project LO.PA.Z and has started in cooperation with LPE PG County.


All projects are interconnected and complement the services and accesses which emphasizes the orientation toward making equal opportunities - development of individual competencies, new technologies, life-long learning and removal of physical and mental barriers in the path of respecting differences and encouraging equality. All of our educational programs, especially the ones which are part of social inclusion programs, take care about equal representation of all focus groups, availability of our programs and inclusion of vulnerable citizen groups.