About project

We Know How is knowledge and skills gaining project which are necessary for conducting business in modern market and inside European Union. Project is meant for young people between 15 and 24 years of age, and education is completely free. Project is financed by European Union and Office for Cooperation with NGOs of Government of Republic of Croatia.
Knowledge gained by participants:

-    Conversance of the prerequisites and procedures for opening one’s own business (administrative, accounting and legal constraints), characteristic of good employer and employee, business planning and analysis, business in European Union (benefits, specificities and grants)

-    Advanced use of personal computer in business (Basic concepts of information and communication technology, use of computers and file management, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, business presentations, use of network and Internet, digital photography, photo editing and publishing, creation and administration of web site)
-    Creation of marketing plan, assessment and analysis of marker and customer needs, focus on costumer, creation of promotional materials
-    Specificities of verbal and written communication on English language (correspondence, reporting, personal/organization/project/product/service presentation and search)
-    Skills of presenting oneself, rules of nonverbal behavior in business communication and analysis of conflict situations.