About project

po-RI-look is a CTC Rijeka's youth initiative which aims to prompt young people to actively contemplate about their city by getting familiar with its rich history and cultural heritage. Contemplation about multiculturalism and various identities of the city is taking place every month through one topic – look. A topic is always approached on a creative way which is adjusted to young people (workshops, forums, photography, video, picnic, city game, etc).
The project was created upon another CTC Rijeka’s project Upoznajmo svoj grad da bismo ga više voljeli, which connects exploration of the city with new technologies. Through the project, senior citizens are being familiarized with new technologies through cultural and traditional program, while young people are being familiarized with culture and traditions through new technologies.
Participants of po-RI-look youth initiative have been given Youthpass certificate which describes non-formal skills and experiences gained through participation in the activities of the initiative.
po-RI-look is financed by European Commission through Youth in Action program
po-RI-look digital edition project is based upon po-RI-look project.