About project

Violence against children and youth and violence in general is a problem of contemporary society which can only be solved if everyone in the society is involved. The goal of the project “ASAC – Active and Safe Ambassadors of Change” is to approach the problem of dealing with violence and preventive actions on several levels: through educational workshops, media campaign and training of volunteers who will work directly with violence victims.

Through several types of educational workshops we will work with different groups of clients – children and youth who come from social care system, their parents and/or guardians, young volunteers, and children and youth in general.

We will act preventively through following activities: (1) education about prevention of violence, (2) education of volunteers and volunteer work on SOS telephone for victims of violence in city of Rijeka, (3) IT-creative workshop – creating a video game and (4) media workshop.

Project is financed by Ministry of Social Policy and Youth, and is conducted through partnership between CTC Rijeka (coordinator), Center for Social Care Rijeka, Society for Cybernetics of Psychotherapy and SOS telephone – City of Rijeka.