About project

„Our Town – to Know It is to Love It“ is carried out since 2011. Initiative for the project through which citizens of Rijeka will be introduced with their own town, has started by the CTC Rijeka and Mrs. Višnja Čandrlić and Hermina Buneta, who came to Centre on education about the use of computers and after passing the course they decided to dedicate their time volunteering in the programs of the CTC Rijeka. 

Program activities are carried out once a month: organized walks trough Rijeka and the surrounding area with thematic lectures carried out on a voluntary basis by many domestic experts, so enabling interested citizens to get acquainted with the historical, cultural and artistic values of the city. The users of the program has visited many sites: from former industrial plants such as Hartera and Torpedo, cultural and museum institutions, to Rijeka and his main street Korzo, the city's churches and others, and exploring different "Rijeka" themes.

Members and volunteers of the program participate in the life of a Facebook group Rijeka - „Our Town – to Know It is to Love It“ : it is formed as platform on which members discuss the activities of the program and various topics about Rijeka, share photo and video materials of Rijeka and their own experiences and knowledge about the city. In that way, they are simultaneously working on developing their skills in the use of new technologies and learning about their city.

The backbone of the program is a work of volunteers, which was recognized at the city, county, state, and international level. The volunteers of the program were nominated as the most outstanding volunteers in Croatia, and they got recognition for prominent volunteer work in the City of Rijeka and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. At the "Discover e-volunteering" competition in 2013, this project was voted as the best European e-volunteer project that successfully promotes the social inclusion of excluded groups through new technology, learning and sharing knowledge about the cultural heritage of the city of Rijeka, as well as quality leisure time and active participation in the local community through the promotion of e-volunteering.

„Our Town – to Know It is to Love It“ is conducting activities of introducing Rijeka and its surrounding area  every month, news about walks and lectures can be found on web site of CTC Rijeka. It is possible to apply to the mailing list by sending message to e-mail:  info@ctk-rijeka.hr.