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Multimedia portal

E-newspapers were started in 2006. From then until now they have been developed – workshop leaders and attendants, name, web design and location have changed.

Starting idea was that these newspapers should be written by school students from Rijeka and surrounding areas about positive happenings in their schools, neighborhoods and city. But, with time, we realized that CTC Rijeka’s volunteers also wanted to spread positive news, as well as other young people who come to the Center. So why not give them the opportunity?!

Internet is enabling us to use many different tools – text, photography, sound, video, graphics, animations… That’s why on portal Rijeka IN we publish contents in all formats that suit our gang of “positives”.

The workshops are held on Saturdays because weekdays are too busy for the students.

By participating in the activities concerning portal Rijeka IN everyone can get knowledge and experience from practice in e-journalism. In 2011 City of Rijeka has nominated the e-newspapers project for international award City for Children.

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