About project

Digital Agenda for Europe is the first of seven key initiatives created as a part of European strategy of Europe 2020 for sustainable and inclusive growth. It is about a strategy which encourages wired application and efficient use of digital technologies which should provide Europeans higher quality of life. The implementation of Digital Agenda should increase Europeans GDP for 5% and in the long-term open 3.8 million new jobs.

Unfortunately, in Republic of Croatia public policies which should accompany the needs of digital industries and use them to improve social situation still don’t exist. But these organizations of civil society, such as  Center M.A.R.E.Forum 50+TelecentreGreen Gold and CTC have been stimulating digital inclusion of citizens with their programs for years. That’s why these organizations have gathered around the project Digital Agenda for Creative Croatia whose goal is networking and joint advocacy of civil society organizations in order to achieve an impact on positive social changes in the field of digital inclusion and education for digital industry.


Project activities

During one year period, which is how long the project lasts, organizations will start national coalition Digital Agenda for Creative Croatia which will advocate and keep track of public policies in the area of Digital Agenda for Europe on national and European level. Coalition will create strategic documents for the purpose of creating the prerequisites for sustainability of coalition and sign agreements on inter-sector cooperation with organizations from public, private and civil sector. Organizations will also advocate public policy making at policy makers in Republic of Croatia (Ministries, Bureaus and Commissions).

During the project partner will organize following activities in order to transfer knowledge and skills: training for trainers, webinars, summer school, and participation on education programs for e-facilitators and gather experiences from European organizations which are active in common field of interest (Digital Agenda, Digital Inclusion).

To raise public awareness and involve citizens in planning and implementation of Digital Agenda for Europe in Republic of Croatia, partners will create an Internet portal which will actively keep track of public policy making and implementation and disseminate examples of best practices from Croatia and Europe. Besides that, partners will get involved in European campaigns e-Skills for Jobs and Get Online Week, and organize round tables in 5 counties (Grad Zagreb, Istria, Primorsko-Goranska, Sisak-Moslavina and Zagreb County).

The importance of this subject was recognized by National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society, and is financially supporting the project with 352.887,92 kn.