About project

Increasing inequalities and intolerances in today's world require active response in the form of education and encouragement of individuals to become active citizens. Global citizenship actively influences prevention of violent radicalization and promotes democratic values, fundamental human rights, intercultural understanding and active citizenship, parallel with the development of social and civic skills, knowledge and learning enhancement, and subsequently, sovereign regulation of democratic values and fundamental civic rights.

On the other side, digital storytelling, as a short form of digital communication enables not only the interchange of individuals' everyday lives, but the understanding among people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, beliefs or worldviews, pinpoints to existing stereotypes, promotes intercultural dialogue, critical thinking, as well as computer and media literacy among children, youth, youth workers and formal education employees. The question that arises is why should we represent the concept of global education through the method of digital storytelling?!

This is the idea that arose from the BRIGHTS project's partner consortium, financed with the European Commission funds through Erasmus+ program. With this two-year project, partners will encourage youth workers to conduct global citizenship education through digital storytelling methodology, develop an online platform for networking purposes, as well as blended course that interconnects online and offline learning.