Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka realizes its goals through 4 program areas,  which are mutually interconnected, complementary and in some segments/projects intertwined.

  • Community development

    CTC Rijeka is trying to connect all members of local community – citizens, organizations for civil society, public and private institutions, economy and media by carrying out perennial projects as well as implementing new contents and projects. By creating a framework for common action (open workshops and public events) CTC Rijeka is becoming a starting point for creation and civil activism. It also enables individuals and organizations to be stakeholders in development of community.


    Community development

    Through the community development program, CTC Rijeka has been trying to contribute to the development of civil society in the region by empowering citizens to become active participants. That is being achieved by strengthening their competences, innovation and using new technologies.

  • Social inclusion

    One of the extremely important segments of CTC Rijeka's activities is to connect the use of new technologies with creation of opportunities for socially marginalized groups. Socialization of socially excluded persons and creation of society which understands, accepts and creates equal opportunities for its citizens is our guiding principle in the creation and realization of all CTC Rijeka’s projects.


    Social inclusion

    We include different social groups in our projects, such as individuals with disability, mature age, lower financial status, unemployed youth and/or youth without work experience, and everyone who is, in one way or the other, excluded from the society and labor market.

  • Eco-social economy

    By opening this program, CTC Rijeka shows developmental orientation and a new step toward sustainability. During 2010/2011 CTC Rijeka has become actively involved in the creation process of Social Entrepreneurship Forum - national network of organizations, institutions and experts in the field of eco-social economy.


    Eco-social economy

    CTC Rijeka is actively participating in the creation of network of regional resource centers for social enterprises encompassing the areas of Primorje and Gorski kotar County and Istria County. Next important pillar of eco-social economy development is creating a resource center for eco-social economy as a part of national network of resource centers.

  • IT and Technics

    Continuing its 20 year tradition, CTC Rijeka is organizing IT courses and workshops for children, youth, adults and persons of the 3rd age while offering every client individual approach.


    IT and Technics

    Newly acquired knowledge and skills enable our clients to find jobs more easily and organizations to get educated and certified employees. The rate of unemployment is lowering, and local community becomes able to respond to dynamic environment. Special attention is given to the organizations of civil society. In the field of IT education, we have established cooperation with organizations from the field of technical culture and organizations which help people with disability and people with special needs, war veterans, pensioners, etc.