Continuing its 20 year tradition, CTC Rijeka is organizing IT courses and workshops for children, youth adults and persons of the 3rd age while offering every client individual approach.
Educational programs are shaped and adjusted to needs of different groups of users.

In the end, newly acquired knowledge and skills enable participants to find job more easily, organizations get educated and certified employees, rate of unemployment is lowered, and local community becomes able to respond to dynamic environment. Special attention is given to the organizations of civil society. In the field of IT education, we have established cooperation with organizations from technical culture field, organizations which help people with disability and people with special needs, war veterans, pensioners, etc.


Our education programs have been attended by employees of local authorities and that has had direct impact on computerization and better access to information inside their organizations, and society in general. This way the program complements the program of Community Development.


In our programs we are often focused on family and its empowerment, it the way of cooperating with NGOs whose goal is to develop better communication. We also encourage parents and children to use new technologies in order to better spend free time, at the same time considering personal and family safety and quality of life (safe use of computers and mobile devices, prevention of computer addiction).

Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka has been Certified Microsoft Training Center since 2000, and Certified ECDL Test Centre since 2006.