For 25 years now, Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka has been offering programs whose main goals are raising IT and technical literacy of all citizens. Our programs of non-formal education are attended by children, youth, adults and pensioners. Through educational programs, courses and workshops we instill the idea of life-long learning to our clients, and thanks to our adequately furnished premises our programs are accessible to everyone. We encourage our clients to be creative, to engage in teamwork, to face and solve problems, to be sensible to persons who are different, to be tolerant and to spend their free time in a better way. In our activities, we often cooperate with various experts – psychologists, special education teachers, pedagogues, etc…

During 25 years, over 50.000 attendees have participated in our educational courses, programs and events, and over 7.000 children and 3.000 adults have completed one of our educational programs.

Besides our regular program of IT education for children, youth and adult citizens, CTC Rijeka has been successfully carrying out programs of sensitization and socialization of socially excluded groups (pensioners, war veterans, persons with disability).


You can check what we have been doing over the years on the timeline.