Organization name:

Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka

Short title: CTC Rijeka

Address: Školjić 6/1, 51000 Rijeka

Tel: +385 51 327 155

Fax: +385 51 338 531


Web site:

OIB: 37724328387

MB: 00422592

IBAN: HR4924840081100814734 RBA

President of the organization: Marko Sokolić

Secretary and director of professional services: Olivera Stanić


Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka is a nonprofit nongovernment organization registered since 1993 on the initiative of the Association of Technical Culture Rijeka with the task of encouraging and promoting technical education, computer science, and culture in general by organizing activities in order to stimulate the interest of children, youth, workers and other citizens in areas of scientific, technical and IT culture with application in business and everyday life, and the promotion of scientific, technical, IT and cultural achievements.

Organization's work is coordinated and supervised by the executive and supervisory board consisting of nine members of the Executive Board and five members of the Supervisory Board. All activities of the association are carried out by a professional team which is supported by contractors and volunteers.